AscendHire specializes in the recruitment and placement of accounting and financial professionals. We have recently added both an IT and Administrative division. We place candidates across a broad spectrum of industries, including banks, hedge funds, financial services, accounting, law firms, non-profit, healthcare, manufacturing, hospitality, real estate, construction, retail, digital media, and entertainment.

What we offer:

For Job Seekers

Your ideal position DOES exist, and we're all set to find it. Our resources and responsiveness give us the edge when it comes to helping individuals find their spot in the NYC financial scene.

At AscendHire, business is personal. We believe that the better we understand you, the better we can match you with a hiring company. We assess your skills and assign you to an interviewer that isn’t just an interviewer—she is the same person that is out in the field working with hiring companies to coordinate their requirements.

Unlike other NYC financial recruiting firms, your personal contact at AscendHire can directly advocate for you on a daily basis, better serving employers and employees alike.

We look forward to seeing you in our new 44th street offices, in the building that houses the famed Sardi's Restaurant. Fill in our brief employment package, submit your resume, and come by to see what makes us different.

For Employers

What makes our pool of applicants different? Over 50% of our job applicants come from direct personal referrals, giving us access to talent that you won’t come across through other firms that serve mainly as filtering systems for the public pool of job seekers.

We regularly receive referrals from hiring managers as well as talent that we’ve previously placed. In fact, we’ve been in the business so long that we are now working with the children of financial experts we’ve placed in years past! Our reputation and connections allow for access to “hidden” candidates—-those that prefer to search discreetly and therefore do not have resumes floating around on internet job search tools.

In addition, we pride ourselves in providing our clients with personalized, professional, cutting-edge service, informing companies on market trends and helping to benchmark competitor salary details. We also take note of your company's practices, software and processes, and will inform you when qualified candidates enter the marketplace, even if we have no standing requisition.

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