AscendHire specializes in the recruitment and placement of accounting and financial professionals. We have both an IT and Administrative division. We place candidates across a broad spectrum of industries, including banks, hedge funds, financial services, accounting, law firms, non-profit, healthcare, manufacturing, hospitality, real estate, construction, retail, digital media, and entertainment.

About AscendHire

A Boutique Financial Recruitment Firm.



AscendHire is a recruitment firm with a different angle. Our clients and job applicants find what has become all too rare in this digital age: personal attention.

Sure, we leverage the best in high-tech digital sourcing to maximize client results, but we also understand the importance of real, look-you-in-the-eye relationships. An online job listing or paper resume is a nice introduction, but nothing beats a one-on-one assessment in a private conference room.

Each applicant at AscendHire is interviewed by a professional with 15-20 years in the recruiting business. For applicants, this means the benefit of learning your true workplace strengths. And since your interviewer also works directly with client companies, he or she can advocate for you on a daily basis, as positions open up that match your skills and career goals.

Our process is key for clients too, of course. The in-depth experience of our interviewers makes for more accurate judgments of job applicants, translating to better matches for your permanent or temporary job openings. We pride ourselves in creating efficient, successful, rewarding links between our client companies and qualified candidates.

If you are serious about improving your business with the right personnel, or taking your career to the next level with exciting temporary or permanent job opportunities in the fields of Accounting, IT or Administration there is only one stop... AscendHire!

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